Adelle Harless

b. circa 1901
     Adelle Harless was born circa 1901. She married Austin M. Evans 13 February 1969 in Coryell County, Texas.

Fred Harless

b. 8 October 1883, d. 24 November 1961
     Fred Harless was born on 8 October 1883 in Danville, Hendricks County, Indiana. He was the son of John Harless and Mary Lynch.

     Fred Harless died 24 November 1961 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.

Ara Lou Turner

b. 25 November 1912, d. 2 June 1995
     Ara Lou Turner was born on 25 November 1912. She married Wilbur Theodore Harless, son of Joseph Marvin Harless and Cassie Clark, 2 January 1937 in Harris County, Texas.

     Ara Lou Turner died 2 June 1995 in Galveston County, Texas.

Maurice L. Hunnicutt

b. circa 1933
     Maurice L. Hunnicutt was born circa 1933. He married Charlotte Mae Harless, daughter of Charles Murphy Harless and Ruby Lee Nettleship, 30 August 1969 in Burnet County, Texas.

Robert A. Johnson

b. circa 1931
     Robert A. Johnson was born circa 1931. He married Floy Evon Harless, daughter of Blake Warren Harless and Doris Jean Sims, 28 February 1969 in Fort Bend County, Texas.

John R. Sloop

     John R. Sloop married Bonnie L. Harless 9 April 1997 in Clark County, Nevada.

Jay David Nabers

b. circa 1948
     Jay David Nabers was born circa 1948. He married Mary Louise Harless, daughter of Charles Manfred Harless and Juanita Audrey Lawing, 8 December 1969 in Bexar County, Texas.

Mary Louise Harless

b. 4 December 1951
     Mary Louise Harless was born on 4 December 1951 in Bexar County, Texas. She is the daughter of Charles Manfred Harless and Juanita Audrey Lawing. Mary Louise Harless married Jay David Nabers 8 December 1969 in Bexar County, Texas.

Mary C. (?)

b. circa 1945
     Mary C. (?) was born circa 1945. She married Raymond Douglas Harless, son of Raymond Keith Harless and Ida Hay, 17 June 1967.

Joe W. Harless

b. circa 1945
     Joe W. Harless was born circa 1945. He married Betty J. (?) 19 September 1964.