Margaret Irene Harless

b. 5 January 1933, d. 10 November 1974
     Margaret Irene Harless was born on 5 January 1933 in Wayne County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Henry Harless and Viola Perry. Margaret Irene Harless married Clifford Barker circa 1950. Margaret Irene Harless married Morris Clinton Rhodes.

     Margaret Irene Harless died 10 November 1974 in Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia.

Child of Margaret Irene Harless and Clifford Barker

Donna Jean Harless

b. 1937
     Donna Jean Harless was born in 1937 in Wayne County, West Virginia. She is the daughter of Henry Harless and Viola Perry. Donna Jean Harless married Leo Edward Daniels, son of Tom Daniels and Bertha Booth, 26 August 1955 in Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia.

Robert Joseph Meredith

b. 28 May 1955
     Robert Joseph Meredith was born on 28 May 1955. He is the son of Edward Stanley Meredith and Mabel Alice Harless. Robert Joseph Meredith married Linda Nicholson.

Children of Robert Joseph Meredith and Linda Nicholson

George Perry

     George Perry married Inez Esque.

Child of George Perry and Inez Esque

John David Runions

Child of John David Runions and Frances May Hammons

Frances May Hammons

Child of Frances May Hammons and John David Runions

John Mason McAnally

Child of John Mason McAnally

Sparrell Francis Hale

     Sparrell Francis Hale married Sarah Elizabeth Haynes.

Children of Sparrell Francis Hale and Sarah Elizabeth Haynes

Sarah Elizabeth Haynes

     Sarah Elizabeth Haynes married Sparrell Francis Hale.

Children of Sarah Elizabeth Haynes and Sparrell Francis Hale

William Isaiah Wade

b. 11 June 1875, d. 18 September 1953
     William Isaiah Wade was born on 11 June 1875 in Virginia. He was the son of William M. Wade and Mary Ann Hale. William Isaiah Wade married Madora Bell Harless, daughter of James Harrison Harless and Mary Elizabeth Mann, circa 1896 in Lincoln County, West Virginia.

     William Isaiah Wade died 18 September 1953 in Yawkey, Lincoln County, West Virginia.

Children of William Isaiah Wade and Madora Bell Harless