Rick McCallister

     Rick McCallister is the son of Talmadge Calvin McCallister and Janet Pauley.

William Thomas Pauley

     William Thomas Pauley married Roxy Ann King.

Children of William Thomas Pauley and Roxy Ann King

Roxy Ann King

     Roxy Ann King married William Thomas Pauley.

Children of Roxy Ann King and William Thomas Pauley

Craig Cavins

     Craig Cavins married Kim Smith, daughter of Bruce Clark Smith and Mary Virginia Harless.

Violet Memphis Wetherholt

b. 7 October 1906, d. 18 December 1982
     Violet Memphis Wetherholt was born on 7 October 1906 in Cabell County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Steven Wetherholt and Lydia Gothard. Violet Memphis Wetherholt married William Augustus Harless, son of William Hamilton Harless and Anna Pauley, 7 March 1935 in Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia.

     Violet Memphis Wetherholt died 18 December 1982 in Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia.

John Houck

     John Houck married Elizabeth Olliver.

Child of John Houck and Elizabeth Olliver

Elizabeth Olliver

     Elizabeth Olliver married John Houck.

Child of Elizabeth Olliver and John Houck

Hiram Abraham Ray

     Hiram Abraham Ray married Amanda Ray.

Child of Hiram Abraham Ray and Amanda Ray

Amanda Ray

     Amanda Ray married Hiram Abraham Ray.

Child of Amanda Ray and Hiram Abraham Ray