Thomas B. Harless Jr.

b. 21 September 1925, d. 14 March 1997
     Thomas B. Harless Jr. was born on 21 September 1925 in Grand Junction, Colorado. He was the son of Thomas Bryan Harless and Pearl A. Halloway. Thomas B. Harless Jr. married Daphane Prince.

     Thomas B. Harless Jr. died 14 March 1997 in Arizona.

Children of Thomas B. Harless Jr. and Daphane Prince

Thomas Harless

b. 22 July 1908, d. 24 March 1964
     Thomas Harless was born on 22 July 1908 in Illinois. He married Beatrice May. Thomas Harless married Helen Laura (?).

     Thomas Harless died 24 March 1964 in Multnomah County, Oregon.

Child of Thomas Harless and Beatrice May

Charles T. Harless

b. 13 February 1882, d. 16 October 1896
     Charles T. Harless was born on 13 February 1882. He was the son of William Harless and S. L. (?).

     Charles T. Harless died 16 October 1896 in Washington County, Virginia.

Mary A. Harless

b. circa 1842
     Mary A. Harless was born circa 1842 in Tennessee.

Jesse Sylvester Harless

b. 18 July 1878, d. 16 October 1947
     Jesse Sylvester Harless was born on 18 July 1878 in New Hope, Madison County, Alabama. He was the son of Thomas Stebwell Harless and Effie May Shay. Jesse Sylvester Harless married Margaret O. Sullivan, daughter of Patrick Sullivan, 20 January 1910 in Maury County, Tennessee.

     Jesse Sylvester Harless died 16 October 1947 in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama.

Child of Jesse Sylvester Harless and Margaret O. Sullivan

Emma Maude Hudson

b. 1889
     Emma Maude Hudson was born in 1889 in Lincoln County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of William Patterson Hudson and Melvina Delaphine Harless. Emma Maude Hudson married Rosco Ousley 11 December 1911 in Boone County, West Virginia.

Lonnie Lee Harless

b. 1 March 1884, d. 10 November 1967
     Lonnie Lee Harless was born on 1 March 1884 in Alabama. He was the son of John William Harless and Eliza Jane Smith. Lonnie Lee Harless married Laura Mae Humphrey, daughter of James Humphrey and Mary Russell.

     Lonnie Lee Harless died 10 November 1967 in Gurley, Madison County, Alabama.

Children of Lonnie Lee Harless and Laura Mae Humphrey

Walter Bernice Harless

b. 4 June 1896, d. 28 November 1969
     Walter Bernice Harless was born on 4 June 1896 in New Hope, Madison County, Alabama. He was the son of John William Harless and Eliza Jane Smith. Walter Bernice Harless married Bessie Wilhelm.

     Walter Bernice Harless died 28 November 1969 in Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama.

Children of Walter Bernice Harless and Bessie Wilhelm

Minnie Pearl Burry

b. circa 1871, d. 1 August 1935
     Minnie Pearl Burry was born circa 1871 in Wriston, Fayette County, West Virginia. She married Henry Landon Harless, son of Anthony Harless Jr. and Olivia H. Evans, 29 September 1914 in Raleigh County, West Virginia.

     Minnie Pearl Burry died 1 August 1935 in Lanark, Raleigh County, West Virginia.

Nellie Dillon

b. November 1873, d. before 1910
     Nellie Dillon was born in November 1873 in Illinois. She married Bertrand Berry Harless, son of Thomas H. Harless and Senretta Berry, 17 January 1900 in Will County, Illinois.

     Nellie Dillon died before 1910.

Children of Nellie Dillon and Bertrand Berry Harless