Eliza Ann Bragg

b. circa 1856
     Eliza Ann Bragg was born circa 1856 in Virginia. She married Henry Harrison Crawford.

Child of Eliza Ann Bragg and Henry Harrison Crawford

Virgil Morris Harless

b. 24 November 1912, d. 9 June 1995
     Virgil Morris Harless was born on 24 November 1912. He was the son of Francis Marion Harless and Alice Pearl Blankenship. Virgil Morris Harless married Martha Marie McNeely, daughter of John David McNeely, 14 March 1936 in Accoville, Logan County, West Virginia.

     Virgil Morris Harless died 9 June 1995 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Martha L. Cook

b. 14 February 1870, d. 2 August 1936
     Martha L. Cook was born on 14 February 1870 in Wyoming County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas Munsey Cook and Nancy McComas. Martha L. Cook married William Sylvester Harless, son of Napoleon Bonaparte Harless and Emezilla G. Walker, 21 May 1888 in Mercer County, West Virginia.

     Martha L. Cook died 2 August 1936 in Crystal, Mercer County, West Virginia.

John Hampton Harless

b. 26 October 1903, d. 17 February 1955
     John Hampton Harless was born on 26 October 1903 in Crystal, Mercer County, West Virginia. He was the son of William Sylvester Harless and Martha L. Cook. John Hampton Harless married Rodella Cornelia Chaffin, daughter of John Chaffin and Careen Mahone, circa 1927.

     John Hampton Harless died 17 February 1955 in Crystal, Mercer County, West Virginia.

Ruby W. Harless

b. circa 1913
     Ruby W. Harless was born circa 1913 in West Virginia. She is the daughter of William Sylvester Harless and Martha L. Cook. Ruby W. Harless married Hurley Matthew Taylor 17 July 1934 in Matoaka, Mercer County, West Virginia.

Child of Ruby W. Harless and Hurley Matthew Taylor

Betty Ann Gunnoe

b. 2 March 1928, d. 15 October 1988
     Betty Ann Gunnoe was born on 2 March 1928 in Pinch, Kanawha County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of James E. Gunnoe and Cora L. Morris. Betty Ann Gunnoe married Marvin Lee Harless, son of George Roy Harless and Ora Macel Martin, 27 November 1946 in Big Chimney, Kanawha County, West Virginia. The best man was Billy Eugene Harless.

     Betty Ann Gunnoe died 15 October 1988.

Charles Milton Harless

b. 12 April 1914, d. 20 June 1989
     Charles Milton Harless was born on 12 April 1914 in Waiteville, Monroe County, West Virginia. He was the son of Shanon Roscoe C. Harless and Myrtle A. Doss. Charles Milton Harless married Eleanor C. Perry, daughter of W. E. Perry, 20 October 1932 in Fayetteville, Fayette County, West Virginia. Charles Milton Harless married Dorothy Eleanor Woods, daughter of Cecil Woods and Minta Vass, 31 December 1938 in Pearisburg, Giles County, Virginia.

     Charles Milton Harless died 20 June 1989.

Children of Charles Milton Harless and Dorothy Eleanor Woods

Mary Lenora Gochenour

b. 1 November 1896, d. 13 August 1983
     Mary Lenora Gochenour was born on 1 November 1896 in Commercial Point, Pickaway County, Ohio. She married Lee Irving Rowland, son of James Wills Rowland and Frances Elizabeth Harless, 28 April 1941 in Los Banos, Merced County, California.

     Mary Lenora Gochenour died 13 August 1983 in Mendocino County, California.

Garner J. Kemp

b. 17 February 1907, d. October 1985
     Garner J. Kemp was born on 17 February 1907 in Clinton, Custer County, Oklahoma. He married Helen Novelle Rowland, daughter of Lee Irving Rowland and Olive Novelle Gaunce, 12 September 1962 in Carson City, Lyon County, Nevada.

     Garner J. Kemp died October 1985.

Carol Clark

b. 3 August 1935
     Carol Clark was born on 3 August 1935. She married Rowland Granville Vandeventer, son of Granville Vandeventer and Helen Novelle Rowland, 10 April 1954 in Carson City, Lyon County, Nevada.