George A. Covington

     George A. Covington is the son of William Wallace Covington and Flo Eloise Pettigrew.

Lora Una Pettigrew

b. 6 June 1935
     Lora Una Pettigrew was born on 6 June 1935 in Boone County, Indiana. She is the daughter of Clarence Grover Pettigrew and Grace May Harless. Lora Una Pettigrew married Rollie V. Goff, son of Clarence Goff and Donna M. Burton, 1 August 1953 in Hamilton County, Indiana.

(?) Pettigrew

b. 1938
     (?) Pettigrew was born in 1938. He is the son of Clarence Grover Pettigrew and Grace May Harless.

Adlai Jennings Harless

b. 9 July 1900, d. 29 June 1937
     Adlai Jennings Harless was born on 9 July 1900 in Indiana. He was the son of Henry Harless and Bertha Ellen Abney. Adlai Jennings Harless married Freda Mae Ginn, daughter of Theodore Garfield Ginn and Ada Inez Thurston, 30 September 1933.

     Adlai Jennings Harless died 29 June 1937 in Madison County, Indiana.

Children of Adlai Jennings Harless and Freda Mae Ginn

William Henry Lucas

b. 5 December 1877, d. 18 November 1956
     William Henry Lucas was born on 5 December 1877 in Shelby County, Missouri. He was the son of Allen M. Lucas and Mary C. Hart. William Henry Lucas married Venie F. (?).

     William Henry Lucas died 18 November 1956 in Moberly, Randolph County, Missouri.

Adam M. Lucas

b. February 1879
     Adam M. Lucas was born in February 1879 in Missouri. He was the son of Allen M. Lucas and Mary C. Hart.

Newell Sexton Harless

b. 26 January 1896, d. 8 October 1965
     Newell Sexton Harless was born on 26 January 1896 in Corryton, Union County, Tennessee. He was the son of Akilan Kyle Harless and M. Viola Wallace. Newell Sexton Harless married Ollie E. Huddleston 27 June 1936 in Blount County, Tennessee.

     Newell Sexton Harless died 8 October 1965 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee.

Molly Rhoten

     Molly Rhoten married Howard Edwards, son of Hiram Winfield Edwards and Elizabeth Helen Harless.

M. Viola Wallace

     M. Viola Wallace was the daughter of Lee Wallace. M. Viola Wallace married Akilan Kyle Harless, son of Henry Franklin Harless and Anna Graves, 12 February 1893 in Union County, Tennessee.

Child of M. Viola Wallace and Akilan Kyle Harless

Lee Wallace

b. May 1848
     Lee Wallace was born in May 1848 in Tennessee. He married Lucinda (?).

Child of Lee Wallace