Jeanette Skidmore

b. circa 1909
     Jeanette Skidmore was born circa 1909 in Ohio. She is the daughter of Harrison Lincoln Skidmore and Blanche L. Scott.

Georgia Rose Allison

b. 4 September 1915, d. 12 July 1973
     Georgia Rose Allison was born on 4 September 1915 in Cross Lanes, Kanawha County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Arthur T. Allison and Inez (?). Georgia Rose Allison married Lloyd Gaylen Harless, son of Lonnie Winifred Harless and Lenora Stone, 19 August 1933.

     Georgia Rose Allison died 12 July 1973 in Nitro, Kanawha County, West Virginia.

Children of Georgia Rose Allison and Lloyd Gaylen Harless

June (?)

Margaret L. Brammer

b. January 1878, d. 26 July 1929
     Margaret L. Brammer was born in January 1878 in Ohio. She was the daughter of Frank Brammer. Margaret L. Brammer married Charles P. Harless, son of Albert G. Harless and Margaretta Davis, 3 July 1896 in Lawrence County, Ohio.

     Margaret L. Brammer died 26 July 1929 in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Children of Margaret L. Brammer and Charles P. Harless

Gladys Mable Harless

b. circa 1911
     Gladys Mable Harless was born circa 1911. She is the daughter of James Britten Lee Harless and Martha Adela Williams. Gladys Mable Harless married George Richard Dalton. Gladys Mable Harless married Edward Howell 3 March 1926 in Pickens County, Alabama.

Child of Gladys Mable Harless and George Richard Dalton

Children of Gladys Mable Harless and Edward Howell

Morris Harless

Parnell D. Harless

b. 9 May 1891, d. 7 December 1898
     Parnell D. Harless was born on 9 May 1891 in Lawrence County, Ohio. She was the daughter of Isaac Luther Harless and Alice Ann Brammer.

     Parnell D. Harless died 7 December 1898 in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Romeo Harless

b. December 1886, d. 1908
     Romeo Harless was born in December 1886 in Ohio. He was the son of William A. Harless and Fannie Stanley.

     Romeo Harless died 1908.

Henry Howard Harless

b. 10 December 1911, d. 26 September 1982
     Henry Howard Harless was born on 10 December 1911 in Pickens County, Alabama. He was the son of James Britten Lee Harless and Martha Adela Williams. Henry Howard Harless married Corrine Mae Allman, daughter of James B. Allman and Bulah Hicks.

     Henry Howard Harless died 26 September 1982 in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

Children of Henry Howard Harless and Corrine Mae Allman

George Newton Harless

b. January 1861, d. 22 November 1949
     George Newton Harless was born in January 1861 in Alabama. He was the son of Charles Jasper Harless and Martha Jane Farrell. George Newton Harless married Beulah R. Walker, daughter of Mary Frances Jones, 5 November 1882 in Shelby County, Alabama.

     George Newton Harless died 22 November 1949 in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Children of George Newton Harless and Beulah R. Walker