William Monroe Benton

b. 25 September 1873, d. 1 September 1938
     William Monroe Benton was born on 25 September 1873 in Siluria, Shelby County, Alabama. He was the son of Columbus S. Benton and Margaret Elizabeth Oldham. William Monroe Benton married Minnie Dora Champion 2 January 1896 in Shelby County, Alabama.

     William Monroe Benton died 1 September 1938.

Children of William Monroe Benton and Minnie Dora Champion

Auguste Arland

b. August 1827
     Auguste Arland was born in August 1827 in France. He married Anna Marie Harless circa 1851.

Children of Auguste Arland and Anna Marie Harless

Christina (?)

     Christina (?) married Andrew S. Hatfield.

Child of Christina (?) and Andrew S. Hatfield

Edward Buford Fletcher

b. 19 June 1875
     Edward Buford Fletcher was born on 19 June 1875. He was the son of David Riley Fletcher and Sarah Margaret Harless.

Martha A. Nabors

b. October 1840
     Martha A. Nabors was born in October 1840 in Shelby County, Alabama. She was the daughter of Paul Hampton Nabors and Mary Hannah Harless. Martha A. Nabors married Elijah Luisey Fulton, son of David Fulton and Rachel Luisey, 4 February 1858 in Shelby County, Alabama.

Children of Martha A. Nabors and Elijah Luisey Fulton

David J. Cawood

     David J. Cawood married Malinda Harless, daughter of William Harless and Elizabeth Mayo, 1862 in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

Child of David J. Cawood and Malinda Harless

Marlin Davis Dodson

d. 1925
     Marlin Davis Dodson was the son of Robert Dodson. Marlin Davis Dodson married Laura Ann Harless, daughter of John Wesley Harless and Mary Eula Evans, 30 August 1924 in Haskell County, Texas.

     Marlin Davis Dodson died 1925.

Child of Marlin Davis Dodson and Laura Ann Harless

Olivia H. Evans

b. October 1850, d. 16 June 1923
     Olivia H. Evans was born in October 1850 in Peters Mountain, Monroe County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas E. Evans and Eleanor Rains. Olivia H. Evans married Anthony Harless Jr., son of Anthony Harless Sr. and Rosanna Williams, 12 August 1872.

     Olivia H. Evans died 16 June 1923 in Monroe County, West Virginia.

Children of Olivia H. Evans and Anthony Harless Jr.

Gertrude Violet Harless

b. 3 April 1903, d. 10 May 1977
     Gertrude Violet Harless was born on 3 April 1903 in Acme, Kanawha County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Furman George Harless and Melissa Ann Stevens. Gertrude Violet Harless married Owen Grover Jarrett, son of Owen Martin Jarrett, 28 January 1924 in Boone County, West Virginia.

     Gertrude Violet Harless died 10 May 1977 in Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas.

Children of Gertrude Violet Harless and Owen Grover Jarrett

Owen Grover Jarrett

b. 28 March 1892, d. 5 December 1974
     Owen Grover Jarrett was born on 28 March 1892 in Pinchton, Kanawha County, West Virginia. He was the son of Owen Martin Jarrett. Owen Grover Jarrett married Gertrude Violet Harless, daughter of Furman George Harless and Melissa Ann Stevens, 28 January 1924 in Boone County, West Virginia.

     Owen Grover Jarrett died 5 December 1974 in Wichita Falls, Wichita County, Texas.

Children of Owen Grover Jarrett and Gertrude Violet Harless