Mary Ellen Stollings

b. 2 November 1866, d. 26 July 1937
     Mary Ellen Stollings was born on 2 November 1866 in Logan County, West Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas Benton Stollings and Dicey Harless. Mary Ellen Stollings married George S. P. Barker, son of Noah B. Barker and Rebecca J. Perry, 6 January 1888 in Logan County, West Virginia.

     Mary Ellen Stollings died 26 July 1937 in Logan, Logan County, West Virginia.

Children of Mary Ellen Stollings and George S. P. Barker

Henry Kinder

b. circa 1810
     Henry Kinder was born circa 1810 in Kanawha County, Virginia. He married Aretta Parsons.

Child of Henry Kinder and Aretta Parsons

Aretta Parsons

b. circa 1815
     Aretta Parsons was born circa 1815 in Kanawha County, Virginia. She married Henry Kinder.

Child of Aretta Parsons and Henry Kinder

Samuel Henry Gillespie

b. circa 1821
     Samuel Henry Gillespie was born circa 1821 in Virginia. He married Mary Jane Rensillaer.

Child of Samuel Henry Gillespie and Mary Jane Rensillaer

Thomas Snodgrass

b. 1809
     Thomas Snodgrass was born in 1809 in Giles County, Virginia. He married Eliza Price 25 August 1835 in Kanawha County, West Virginia.

Children of Thomas Snodgrass and Eliza Price

Eliza Price

     Eliza Price married Thomas Snodgrass 25 August 1835 in Kanawha County, West Virginia.

Children of Eliza Price and Thomas Snodgrass

Robert Gore

b. circa 1784
     Robert Gore was born circa 1784 in Shenandoah County, Virginia. He married Louisa Tomsey Jarrell.

Children of Robert Gore and Louisa Tomsey Jarrell

Archibald Woodrum

b. circa 1805, d. circa 1855
     Archibald Woodrum was born circa 1805. He married Mary Gore, daughter of Robert Gore and Louisa Tomsey Jarrell, 8 September 1825 in Giles County, Virginia.

     Archibald Woodrum died circa 1855.

Children of Archibald Woodrum and Mary Gore

Mary Jane Yost

b. circa 1837
     Mary Jane Yost was born circa 1837 in Tazewell County, Virginia. She married Rufus N. Totten.

Children of Mary Jane Yost and Rufus N. Totten

Jesse Frost

b. 11 September 1804, d. 18 April 1880
     Jesse Frost was born on 11 September 1804 in Anderson County, Tennessee. He was the son of Thomas Frost Jr. and Hannah Wilson. Jesse Frost married Catherine Harless, daughter of Henry Harless Jr. and Margaret Basore, 27 January 1831.

     Jesse Frost died 18 April 1880 in Montevallo, Shelby County, Alabama.

Children of Jesse Frost and Catherine Harless