Lynn Harless

     Lynn Harless is the daughter of Charlie Lynn Harless and Grace Evelyn Cleveland.

Frank Doss Jr

b. circa 1939
     Frank Doss Jr was born circa 1939 in West Virginia. He is the son of Frank Thomas Doss and Ruby Katherine Harless.

Susan Elizabeth Virginia Kinzer

b. 5 December 1843, d. 13 October 1932
     Susan Elizabeth Virginia Kinzer was born on 5 December 1843 in Montgomery County, Virginia. She was the daughter of George Kinser and Margaret Bane. Susan Elizabeth Virginia Kinzer married Floyd William Price, son of Abraham Price and Mary Elizabeth Smith, 31 October 1866 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

     Susan Elizabeth Virginia Kinzer died 13 October 1932 in Bergman, Boone County, Arkansas.

Homer Davis Harless

b. 11 March 1898, d. April 1975
     Homer Davis Harless was born on 11 March 1898 in Alabama. He was the son of William Taylor Harless and Nancy Louella Hicks. Thomas D. Harliss married Mamie Elizabeth Godfrey 2 March 1924 in Pickens County, Alabama.

     Homer Davis Harless died April 1975.

Samuel Adams Harless

b. 9 October 1891, d. 25 April 1961
     Samuel Adams Harless was born on 9 October 1891 in Shelby County, Alabama. He was the son of James Lafayette Harless and Nancy Elizabeth Lawler. Samuel Adams Harless married Clara Irene Burgin 24 August 1913.

     Samuel Adams Harless died 25 April 1961 in Pleasant Grove, Jefferson County, Alabama.

Clara Irene Burgin

b. 29 November 1894, d. 30 June 1986
     Clara Irene Burgin was born on 29 November 1894 in Alabama. She married Samuel Adams Harless, son of James Lafayette Harless and Nancy Elizabeth Lawler, 24 August 1913.

     Clara Irene Burgin died 30 June 1986.

Samuel Adams Harless Jr.

b. 20 February 1917, d. 16 March 1992
     Samuel Adams Harless Jr. was born on 20 February 1917 in Ensley, Jefferson County, Alabama. He was the son of Samuel Adams Harless and Clara Irene Burgin. Samuel Adams Harless Jr. married Nellie Mae Ponder 29 August 1940.

     Samuel Adams Harless Jr. died 16 March 1992.

Child of Samuel Adams Harless Jr. and Nellie Mae Ponder